Evaluation of some tree species for biomonitoring of heavy metals and pollution

and pollution tolerance index approach in Isf aEvaluation of some tree species for biomonitoring of heavy metals han

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Increasing urbanization and concentration of population and as result, increasing transportation in cites has many harsh effects on urban environmental conditions of urban.

Part of the pollution by the transport and roads into the environment are related to the heavy metals.

Leaf samples of different tree species (mulberry, ash tree, cypress and prim) were collected in different sites of  Isfahan city in 2009 and concentrations of heavy metals (Cu, Fe, Mn, Cd, Pb, Zn). Relative water content, total chlorophyll, ascorbic acid and pH were determined and effects of these factors on proclamation were studied. In studied sites and species, the amount of iron, copper and zinc was significantly different.

Ascorbic acid, relative water content and pollution tolerance index factors did not change in the different sites and species whilst pH and relative humidity was different between species..

Results show that Morus alba, Fraxinus excesior, Cupressus sempervirens and Ligustrum ovalifolium can used as suitable bioindicator for biomonitoring heavy metals air pollution in arid regions.



Keywords: Pollution tolerance index, Biomonitoring, Heavy metals, Air pollution.

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